Support Maui Campaign

Support Maui Campaign

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At the beginning of August 2023, deadly wildfires swept through the beautiful island of Maui. Our hearts are with the people of Hawaii through this devastation.
As a waste conscious company, Cheek's Paper Room pays to accept all units with design defects during each production period. The same patented Creator Mats are 100% functional, with only design flaws. Rather than the defects ending up in land fills, our brand offers the mats at a steep discount through a campaign known as Oops Mats for a Cause.
A portion of each sale is donated to schools in third world countries.
Cheek’s Paper Room has come together with DIY Creator, mama.jots, in an effort to start an Oops Mat initiative to provide donations to those affected in Hawaii.
Current Campaign: donations will be deposited to nonprofit organizations for victims of the Maui wildfires.
Nonprofit organizations:
Maui Food Bank
Hawaii Community Foundation: Maui Strong Fund
Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii
Eligible Products:
1 Oops Mat= $1 Donated
Buy 2 Milk Mats, Get 1 Milk Mat Free= 5% of sale donated
Use Code:


Free US Shipping $30+

*eligible products only. while eligible supplies last. 

1 Oops Mat= $1 donated to maui